Competition for 18 years and older, Men or Women



2024 Team Entries for Junior Comp Open Monday 15th January at 9am

To Enter a team, a Manager (over 18yrs) needs to login to their Membership Dashboard and click on the Team Nomination tile.

What Information you will need to enter the team:

  • Minimum of 7 players, Maximum of 10
  • The players Name, Surname, DOB, Email (names must be registered as they appear on birth certificate).
  • Credit card for deposit to hold the team’s place. Not refundable.


For more information on how to enter a team and use our online platform, click HERE


Individual Player: If you do not have a team, please put your name down on the Single Player Board. This is where team managers will look if they need a player.



The Competition and schedule is our best estimate. This may change due to consequences beyond our control.

Premier Men| Representative & Division one players|Monday|Game times, 8:05pm, 8:50pm & 9:35pm|12th Feb to 1st July, 2024

Open Men Division One|Wednesday |Game times, 8:05pm, 8:50pm & 9:35pm|Mon 12th/Wed 14th Feb to Mon 1st/Wed 3rd July, 2024

Open Men Division Two|Monday or Wednesday |Game times, 8:05pm, 8:50pm & 9:35pm|Mon 12th/Wed 14th Feb to Mon 1st/Wed 3rd July, 2024

Open Men Division Three|Monday or Wednesday |Game times, 8:05pm, 8:50pm & 9:35pm|Mon 12th/Wed 14th Feb to Mon 1st/Wed 3rd July, 2024

Open Men Division Four|Monday or Wednesday|Game times, 8:05pm, 8:50pm & 9:35pm|Mon 12th/Wed 14th Feb to Mon 1st/Wed 3rd July, 2024

Open Women Social Div.2/3||Wednesday|Game times, 8:05pm, 8:50pm & 9:35pm|Wed 14th Feb to Wed 3rd July, 2024



Look at the majority of the players in your team and consider the below criteria:

  • Division One: Representative or highly skilled players
  • Division Two: Skilled players
  • Division Three: Social players that are developing their skills
  • Division Four: New to formal competition and are learning the rules and skills.

MWBA has the right to regrade any team they feel has not put themselves in the correct division.



Fees Junior

Team Fee: Per Comp

(divided by number of players in a team.  Min 7 players, Max 10)


Player Registration: 

Renewable every 12 months from date of payment.

(insurance with BNSW)

$130 per player

(Active Kids voucher accepted)



  • tops must be matching & reversible
  • shorts must be matching
  • numbers (0-99) must be displayed on the front and back of each playing top
  • no parts of the uniform may feature external pockets or any other feature with potential to cause injury
  • undergarments which protrude from under the uniform must be the same colour as uniform or black
  • Please note that all teams must be in correct uniform from week 4. Refer to by-laws for clarification.

Please note MWBA is not handing out bibs. All teams must have a set of reversible singlets.

MWBA is now selling  black & white reversible, numbered double sided,  singlet for $35 each. MWBA will be in contact once the order has been placed. Please note the uniforms have a turn around time of  two weeks once we have made contact with you. Please note there is no customising of uniforms.

The Uniform shop will contact you when the order has been filled to organise a pick up time and payment. Please email for any enquiries.


As part of entering a team into the Senior Competitions at MWBA your team will need to supply two people to do bench duty when rostered on the draw. Team mangers are asked to provide a roster to all members on the team so that each member knows when it is their turn to undertake scoretable duties. Please note the scoretable official should be minimum 16years+. Score table duties involves the operating of the scoreboard and clock, Recording the game on the iPad or scoresheet and managing the possession arrow.

Want to learn more about Scoretable duties click here.

For our tutorial on the electronic scoresheets, Click here


To read By-Laws, Click Here


  • Competition commences the week of  Monday 12th February, 2024
  • Week 1, Invoice will be sent out
  • Week 3, Invoice will be paid in full.
  • No games on: Easter Long Weekend Monday 1st April Or Kings Birthday Monday 10th June, 2024
  • Not games during the April School holidays-Monday 15th April to Sunday 28th April, 2024
  • Regular game rounds end the week of Monday 3rd June or the week of Tuesday 11th June, 2024
  • Semi-final round will be played the week of 24th June, 2024
  • Final round will be played the week of 1st July, 2024