Why should I become a referee?

There are many reasons to become a referee:

  • Earn money and work flexible hours around basketball playing and training
  • Be physically active and get fit
  • Be involved in basketball (especially if you love the game)
  • Gain a better understanding of basketball and its rules
  • Meet new people, make new friends and share many great experiences
  • Improve your life skills (e.g. communication, independence, confidence, decision making and awareness)


I have already qualified as a referee at another Association. Can I ref at Manly?

Sure! Please fill out an Expression of Interest for HERE and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.


How old do I have to be?

Basketball Australia suggests that beginner referees should be no younger that 14 years old, but MWBA will train beginner referees who are 13 if they have some playing experience. 

You are never too old to start reffing.


How do I get started?

Trainees are required to attend an Association Community (beginner) referee course which is usually held on a Saturday or Sunday and is approximately 4 hours in duration.

After attending the course trainees will be required to referee a minimum of three games a week with a mentor referee as a shadow to put the theory that they have learned into practice

These games are usually completed on a Monday or Wednesday afternoon at NBISC in the first instance, but other nights may be available depending on each trainee’s individual learning requirements.

Trainees will be required to buy their own whistle ($10), and the Association will supply them with a green shirt that identifies them as a beginner referee. The shirt is to be returned to the Association in good condition after the referee is graded to Association Development, which earns the referee a striped shirt.


How long will it take for me to get be able to ref without a shadow?

The number of games/nights it takes a trainee to be able to referee by themselves is individual to each trainee, as everyone reaches the required competencies at their own rate.

How much does a referee get paid?

It varies on the grade of the referee and whether it is a senior or junior competition.

There are also bonus payments for referees who referee more than 10 games a week, who referee later in the night and perform higher duties as Representative Referees.

The MWBA Referee pay rates can be found HERE

How will I improve as a referee?

All referees are coached and observed regularly by a team of Referee Mentors, Referee Coaches and the Referee Program Manager. These personnel all provide feedback and solutions to areas for improvement.

This is coupled with experience you gain each week by being faced with challenges that you learn to overcome. With this experience and knowledge come better opportunities to referee higher quality games and be paid at a higher rate.


I do like the green shirt we have to wear, but how long will it take me to get my stripes?

All grading is competency-based, and the amount of time it takes each referee to improve and be graded at a higher level is individual to each referee.

Great! I think I want to ref. When’s the next Beginner’s Course?

Association Community (Beginner Referee) Courses are held on an as-need basis, but generally 2-3 times a year in Term 1 and Term 3.

To express an interest in becoming a referee, please fill out the Expression of Interest form HERE.

Keep an eye on the MWBA Website and Facebook page for details as they become available. They will be advertised on the front page.


Who can I contact if I have any more questions? 

If you have any more questions, you can email our Referee Program Manager at