Manly Warringah Basketball Association continues to grow an educate our referees. Qualified officials service both local competition, and our representative program.


To ensure Manly Warringah  Basketball Association continues to produce both outstanding officials and program, the guidelines below have been incorporated into the program to provide structure and consistency. 

  • All referees must abide by the Association Codes of Conduct.
  • All referees must be registered with Basketball NSW for insurance purposes. The cost of registration belongs to the individual. If the referee is registered as a player, they are appropriately covered.
  • All referees must referee a minimum of three (3) games per month to maintain their grading.
  • School events, illness and special events (family and school) are acceptable reasons for non-availability (given the appropriate notice).
  • Officials must have their own equipment and uniform. Whistles are not to be shared under any circumstances. If a referee forgets their whistle they will be required to purchase a new one.
  • Local Competition – Referee’s uniform shall consist of a striped referee shirt (or green shirt), black shorts and black or white running shoes. Black pants and black shoes are preferred for grand finals.
  • Representative Program – Referee’s uniform shall consist of a BNSW referee shirt (supplied by MWBA), black pants and black running shoes.
  • Trainee and Association Community referees will wear the “Green Shirt” provided by MWBA. On graduation to Association Development, referees will be supplied with a striped referee shirt.  All further shirts must be purchased by the referee.
  • Referees are required to remove or cover their referee shirt (whether striped or green) before and after they have officiated, particularly while coaching and spectating.
  • Rosters are based on availability forms lodged at the commencement of the season, and posted online on a weekly basis.
  • Should officials know that they are unavailable to fulfill their normal roster at least 5 days prior to their games, please login to your online membership and put in your unavailability so a suitable replacement can be found.
  • It is the responsibility of each referee to make sure they are aware of their rostered refereeing commitments.
  • Withdrawing from games without notification causes additional workload/stress for the other rostered official and the Referee Supervisor. Referees who continue to not fulfill their rostered duties may be subject to a suspension as decided by the MWBA or the Referee Development Officer.
  • The Referee Development Officer or Referee Supervisor reserve the right to alter match allocations as required.
  • Officials rostered to a FORFEIT are required to referee any scratch match that may take place on that court in order to receive payment.
  • Games that are forfeited with less that 12 hours notice will be paid. Games will be maked with Paid Forfeit
  • Games that are forfeited with more that 12 hours notice will not be paid. The roster will be marked as Notified Forfeit.
  • Referees must behave in a professional manner both on and off the court.
  • All referees must treat their fellow officials with dignity and respect when refereeing, playing, coaching and spectating. This applies to comments made at any time, either verbally or through social media such as (but not limited to) Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.
  • When offered advise by referee coaches or on-court mentors, referees should listen to the advice given and politely ask questions if clarification is needed. Referees should never argue with the referee coach or mentor.
  • Every referee must report to the Referee Supervisor at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of the first match they are rostered to officiate.
  • If a referee is late, he/she must phone and advise the Referee or Venue Supervisor.
  • All Technical Fouls and Unsportsmanlike Fouls called during a game are to be documented By:
    • Paper scoresheet: write on the back of the scoresheet for MWBA Staff to record on the system. Details must include the player’s number and team name, and the reason for making the decision.
    • Electronic Scoresheet: at the end of the game, the iPad will prompt you prior to ending the game to fill in the reason for the foul. It will not allow you to end the game without filling this in.
  • Any significant issue relating to a game involving a player, coach, official or spectator should be reported to the Referee or Court Supervisor. Should time not permit the issue should be addressed with the Referee Development Officer at the earliest convenience.
  • Should an incident/citation be referred to a Tribunal or administrative meeting it is compulsory that the official attends. Should the official be under 18 a guardian may be present at the Tribunal (either a parent or a senior official).
  • Officials will be reviewed regularly, however if you would like to be reviewed for upgrade please forward an email to the Referee Development Officer and an appropriate referee coach will be made available to examine your officiating.

Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact the Referee Development Officer, Kirsten De Forest on 9913 3622 or

Should you require assistance during local competition please see the Game Supervisor. 

Click here to view the Referee Grading Matrix

Please contact Jane Ubrien for any further information on 02 9913-3622 or email