TeamApp Notifications

A few referees have been telling me that they’re not getting any notifications through TeamApp. Rhys discovered last week that TeamApp’s default notification setting is OFF, so can I ask you all to please check your settings and turn them ON, or check the App regularly if you want to keep them off.

I can push the news articles through to your email if you have listed it in your profile, so if you would prefer to turn notifications off and just receive the news as  an email, do that, but check the chat regularly please.





Our Finance Manager is going in for surgery tomorrow, and wants me to let you know that she is still planning on processing your pays on Friday. However if for some reason she doesn’t get them done, she is pre-apologising and will have them done by Monday.

Sorry if this causes any inconvenience.


AVAILABILITY – how to let me know if  you are unavailable

Hi guys,
It seems while we were all locked down for months that you have forgotten how to let me know if you are not available for your usual shift.

Please do not text me. I get (literally) hundreds of texts a day, and it is not unusual for me to miss things. I created this space on TeamApp where everything is in one place to make it not only easier for you, but for me too. Everything you need is in this one App.

If there is an emergency on the night and you can not get to your games, please call the supervisor on shift immediately.
Monday – Lachlan (0450 371 737)
Tuesday – Ashton (0478 630 612)
Wednesday – Rhys (0468 785 332)
Thursday – Me (0409 922 562)
Friday – Me
Saturday – Ashton

Please do not contact me if I am not working, as I turn my phone off to try and hide from the hundreds of texts I receive every day. I do not work on Tuesdays, the nights that I’m not supervising, or the weekends (or at least I try not to).

If you are sick or unavailable less than three days before and the roster has been released, please post your unavailability to the Group Chat. This way everyone can see that there will be a hole, and maybe someone will be kind enough to pick up your games.
The nicer option here would be to find your own replacement (as is actually what is mandated in the MWBA Referee Guidelines that you all agree to when you start reffing).

If you are letting me know that you are going to me unavailable on a future date and before the roster has been released, please send me an Unavailability Form. I try and get the roster done at least 3-4 days before, so if it’s 4 days or more notice, just send me a form please. It will drop an email straight into my inbox and I won’t miss it.
The form is readily available online on the website or this App under “Online Forms”.

Please help me out in this matter, and notify me in the correct way. Thanks, Kirst


Good morning everyone.

I want to apologise that I have not been getting the rosters done in a timely fashion at the moment. There is a LOT more work to be done behind the scenes at the moment to get the competitions up and running, and I am under the pump (as most of you who are on court this week may have noticed). I am going to ask you to be a little bit more proactive than usual.

Procedures will change as we move along and see what works and what doesn’t, so please keep up to date in the chat and on the news page of Team App, and here and on the Rosters page of the website.

A couple of housekeeping issues:

Team App – can you all please ensure that your notifications are turned ON. I have had a couple of people mention that they are not receiving notifications of the chat, and we have determined that the default setting for the App is Notifications off. So can you please turn them on. “I didn’t get the message” is not a valid excuse at the moment.

Signing players in – when signing players in on court, please observe the following. If the player is highlighted yellow, please let them know that they’re registration needs paying, but they can play this week. DO NOT send them to the front desk. You just need to tell them that they are about to expire. If the player is not on the sheet at all, alert a supervisor. Please DO NOT send them to front desk. Supervisors will be more present on court.

Teams leaving the venue – please do not leave your court until both teams have completely left it. It is YOUR job to let them know which court they are to exit off.  You do not need to be anywhere else for at least another 10 minutes, and have plenty of time to wait for them to leave. We had 3 balls go missing last night during junior games because referees left the court before the teams, and the teams took a ball with them. I know which court, and I know which refs. If this happens again, the cost of the ball will come out of your pay.

Movement around the venue – Once you are on court reffing, there is no need for you to go back out into the foyer. I want you to limit your movement as much as possible in that direction, especially as teams are trying to enter. There are rosters on the wall a the end of Court 1 and Court 3 if you need to check them. If you have a game off you are to sit in the referee area, not be out on court watching. But please be mindful that if teams are entering the venue, you please wait until the congestion in the foyer has eased before you move through. 

Referee Behaviour – to the referees who were using the supplied balls to scrimmage while teams were waiting to be signed in, rather than signing the teams in and getting the game going (you know who you are)………….if I witness that again, you will be permanently removed from my roster. And all of you need to read this. You will get ONE chance. I have no tolerance for this sort of thing at the moment. We have worked extremely hard for the teams to get back on court, and we are running to very tight time frames and protocols. If you can’t do what is required, don’t ref. I’d rather run short than deal with referees who can’t follow simple instructions.

Can we all please work together and help make this happen while we still have it. Seriously, it could all be gone again, so let’s enjoy it while we can.