Availability and Rosters – Term 4

I am trying to do next week’s rosters, and am thankful to those of you who have adjusted your availability and shuffled venues to cover games.

I just thought that I’d attach my Master Availability List so that you can all see where were are short and where we are over subscribed, so you can see if you may be able to help out.

I have based whether we are short or over based on the number of time slots, and whether those available play or coach (as sometimes this can leave us very short). And just because someone has said that they are available, doesn’t mean that they are available every week.

Monday – Could do with 1-2 more at NBSIC for juniors and seniors. PCYC is 1 short but not too much of an issue.

Tuesday – Need 1 more at NBSIC/NSHS. Needs to be able to be vocal and coach the players on court as they are newbies.

Wednesday – Currently have NO ONE at Galstaun. If no one puts their hand up for it I will just roster someone on and a venue supervisor will drive them up and back from NBISC. Could do with 1 more at NBSIC for junior and seniors.

Thursday – just need to see if Barney can cover Curl Curl and we should be okay. Otherwise I will be rotating some of you who don’t play that night and go to school near by to cover each week with Jane. 

Friday – oversubscribed. I will be removing some referees from this list based on the rostering policy that I have for Fridays, unless anyone wants to remove themselves.

Saturday – Looking okay.



Term 4, 2020 Availability

Thank you all for your hard work in getting through the strangest season of basketball that I think that I have ever encountered! A lot of what we dealt with will be the ‘new normal’ for the foreseeable future and is here to stay.

Going forward we will still be emptying the venue between games and sanitising EVERYTHING, but we will start allowing spectators back into the venue in a staged approach. Due to the 4-square-metre rule it won’t ever be a HEAP of spectators unless Gladys eases that restriction, but they will be there. But don’t fear, with spectators comes more supervisors, and a very low tolerance for misbehaviour. We’ve got you covered.

At the moment in the office we are busy planning for the next competition that will start on Monday October 12. This will be a short competition that will run up to mid-December (8 weeks + 1 week of finals).
Some court allocations and venues have changed, so I needed the competition staff to finalise these allocations before I could ask you for your availability. They are now pretty much done, so it’s time for me to ask when you’re available to ref.

The new availability form is now active HERE. I ask EVERYONE to please fill out a new form so that we can start fresh for a new season. Your availability from the season just passed will not carry over.

As with every season, if I get too many referees available for one particular night, I will be appointing officials on a “first in” basis, and also by appointing the most suitable officials to the games by determining which mix of officials is best for the competition and for the development of individual officials.

Some changes to note:
* We have the addition of Curl Curl Community Centre on Abbott Rd on Monday and Thursday.
* We are utilising Pittwater Uniting on Wednesday AND Friday.
* Premier Men’s and Women’s competitions have returned to Monday night, and Senior Women have returned to Wednesdays.

Also, I have asked for your interest in reffing ISA school games at NBSIC on Saturday mornings. I have taken over the management of the officials for St Augustines and Redlands, so if you would like to pick up these games in addition to your MWBA games, please indicate as such on the form.
Please note that these are NOT MWBA games, they are school games that come outside the realm of Manly’s competitions. If you drop Manly games to make yourself available for ISA, you will find yourself dropped off both.

I have also asked if you are interested in a variety of other things. Just mark those that might interest you, and we can discuss it.

Please ensure that you give me as much information as possible. If you can’t make it for the 4:30pm game due to school/Uni/buses or if you coach or play during the same shift……….or whatever. Just let me know. The more information the better.

So please pop into the Forms page and submit your availability to me by WEDNESDAY 7 OCTOBER so that I can get rosters completed for the week starting 12 October.




Grand Finals next week

For those of you who are not fully aware, next week is Grand Final week!!!
After a very weird, disjointed (and seemly long) season, we are coming to the end of it.

I am currently preparing the rosters for Grand Finals next week. If you are unavailable, please let me know ASAP.
Of course with finals, game numbers are seriously reduced, and I won’t have games available for everyone.

As with previous seasons, the highest graded and most experienced referees will be appointed to the highest level games, and games will then be appointed to those referees who have shown consistent commitment and effort during the season.
I have already met with the referee supervisors to determine most of these appointments.

Please remember that this is not a time for training and development, but a time for giving the games the best possible referees that we can give them. Green shirt referees generally do not receive Grand Final appointments.

Also, if you are playing, your ability to be rostered is affected and you may not be used.

As we supply paid bench officials, I do try and share as many of these appointments around as possible. If you do not know how to score properly, please let me know so that I do not use you in this capacity.

It is also natural that these appointments can lead to disappointment when we don’t receive a game that we think we should have had. But please remember that a LOT of factors go into making these selections, and I also have far too many referees than games, so missing out will be inevitable for some. If you would like to know what is required to improve your probability of receiving a finals appointment in the future, please discuss that with me directly.

So please let me know if you are unavailable, as these appointments are strategic and pairings on games are also a factor. Any changes will change the WHOLE roster.

Thanks, Kirst


Score sheets

Score sheets guys………

Can we please ensure that we are completing them correctly?
I have seen far too many examples over the last few weeks of incomplete and completely incorrect score sheets.

A quick refresher:

• It is the duty of the game official to fill in the numbers of players. You are NOT to hand the sheet and pen to any player or coach to fill it in. The whole idea of getting the players to sign in on court is so that the sheet and pen are touched by as few people as possible.
• If any player is not printed on the score sheet or is highlighted in yellow, please find a venue supervisor to check the registration status of the player BEFORE starting the game.

• Sign the sheet off to indicate the half time score and fouls – if you do not know how to do this, please ask your supervisor on the night you are reffing. They will teach you.
• Double check that the scorer is writing the scores in the correct column on the running score, and is writing the numbers of who scored next to the score. This helps to determine which team has scored what if there is an error.
• Check that the scorer is marking off fouls correctly.
• If there are any errors from the scorer, please teach them what they are doing wrong. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, please ask your supervisor for help.

• Circle the final score and write the scores in the CORRECT box at the bottom of the running score.
• Write in the name of the team that won.
• Sign your name.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, or just want to make sure that you are doing it correctly, please speak to your supervisor and they will help you.


IMPORTANT: Reffing outside of the Northern Beaches area – 20 August to 30 September

As you guys are aware, we have had to make some changes this week with regards to the way our competitions are run for the next 6 weeks or so. This has to do with decisions made by the NSW Government designed to restrict the movement of players, spectators, referees and staff across regions for sport – both school and community.

Basically, ALL participation in sport is to be confined to the local sporting or school area except for semi-professional sports. A lot of school sport at the higher level has been cancelled, and a lot of work has been done across the state in every sport to ensure that everyone continues to play under the new state guidelines. The only competitions that remain relatively unaffected are semi-professional competitions.

BNSW has been working with the NSW Government over the last few days to work out what that means for our representative competitions. Our juniors will be placed into regional hubs and play against 3 or 4 other teams, and as our seniors (including youth league) are considered semi professional their competition is continuing.

But what does this all matter to you as referees? Especially if you don’t ref rep?
I know that some of you ref other competitions that are not local to our community – some school comps and some casual comps. I have been on the phone to BNSW today to see what their stance is with regards to referees reffing out of their local community, and if it can continue to be done, and they are saying that reffing outside the area must stop immediately.

I know that these school competitions can pay you a lot of money, but it a NSW Government Health Order that you are not to travel to another area of Sydney to participate in a sporting event, unless you are participating in a BNSW-recognised semi-professional competition.

So basically, if you are not a senior rep ref, please do not ref outside of our local area for the next 6 weeks. This is a NSW Health Order, not me.

If you would like to continue reffing out of area and are still attending school, please contact your school to discuss, as it is in breach of the Department of Education school sport regulations and I can almost guarantee that your school will not allow it.
If you are not attending school and would like to continue reffing out of area, please discuss with me directly.

I have attached the letter from the Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant sent to all Community Sporting Organisations. I have chosen not to attach the document that was sent from the Department of Education to deal with the school side of it, as it is quite long and I believe that this single page summarises the changes well. However if you would like a copy I’m happy to provide it.

I know this is harsh. I know it’s a quick change. But we have to do it.
If you have any questions, please let me know.


Changes to fixtures and rosters

There have been some restrictions put on school participation in sport starting TOMORROW, which means that from tomorrow we will only have 5 courts running for junior competition until the end of term 3 (end of September).

Because of this I now have will have to shuffle tomorrow’s roster and going forward will have to look at everyone’s availability. I have new trainees coming through who need games, referees reffing multiple nights, and refs who ref juniors AND seniors in one night.

Basically, if I have too many refs for juniors I will roster off those who ref numerous nights and give priority to the referees in which that is their only night. And if you are reffing juniors AND seniors, you may find yourself with only senior games as I need to give the junior games to the newer referees.

I’m sure that you all understand that we are going to do our best to make it as fair to everyone participating in our competitions, and as safe as possible so that we can continue in the most “normal” way we can.

So sorry for the disruption. We are hoping it will be all back to normal in Term 4.


TeamApp Notifications

A few referees have been telling me that they’re not getting any notifications through TeamApp. Rhys discovered last week that TeamApp’s default notification setting is OFF, so can I ask you all to please check your settings and turn them ON, or check the App regularly if you want to keep them off.

I can push the news articles through to your email if you have listed it in your profile, so if you would prefer to turn notifications off and just receive the news as  an email, do that, but check the chat regularly please.




AVAILABILITY – how to let me know if  you are unavailable

Hi guys,
It seems while we were all locked down for months that you have forgotten how to let me know if you are not available for your usual shift.

Please do not text me. I get (literally) hundreds of texts a day, and it is not unusual for me to miss things. I created this space on TeamApp where everything is in one place to make it not only easier for you, but for me too. Everything you need is in this one App.

If there is an emergency on the night and you can not get to your games, please call the supervisor on shift immediately.
Monday – Lachlan (0450 371 737)
Tuesday – Ashton (0478 630 612)
Wednesday – Rhys (0468 785 332)
Thursday – Me (0409 922 562)
Friday – Me
Saturday – Ashton

Please do not contact me if I am not working, as I turn my phone off to try and hide from the hundreds of texts I receive every day. I do not work on Tuesdays, the nights that I’m not supervising, or the weekends (or at least I try not to).

If you are sick or unavailable less than three days before and the roster has been released, please post your unavailability to the Group Chat. This way everyone can see that there will be a hole, and maybe someone will be kind enough to pick up your games.
The nicer option here would be to find your own replacement (as is actually what is mandated in the MWBA Referee Guidelines that you all agree to when you start reffing).

If you are letting me know that you are going to me unavailable on a future date and before the roster has been released, please send me an Unavailability Form. I try and get the roster done at least 3-4 days before, so if it’s 4 days or more notice, just send me a form please. It will drop an email straight into my inbox and I won’t miss it.
The form is readily available online on the website or this App under “Online Forms”.

Please help me out in this matter, and notify me in the correct way. Thanks, Kirst