We got through!!!!! We’re done!

The weirdest, shortest, (but feels like the longest) year has come to an end.

Thank you all for your hard work and commitment as we worked through some extremely difficult times this year. I appreciate all the time and effort that each and everyone of you have given to the Association, and to me personally. 

We will try and organise some sort of social event (or two) now that we can gather in larger groups, so keep an eye on TeamApp for any announcements in regards to that. We will also look into some team training to keep us all connected, educated and fit over the summer.

Please feel free to load up some photos to the TeamApp Gallery if you have any, to remind us all what a year we’ve had. I’ve open the access to you all so that you can post, but please note that I WILL be moderating those photos that are inappropriate. Remember that we have children in the group, so please keep everything PG.

Competitions return in early February, and I’ll have details with regards to submitting your availability for 2021 out in early January.

Good luck to those of you reffing (and playing) in the BNSW events over the summer. I’ll probably be at most of them in some capacity, and I look forward to seeing you there.


Stay safe.

I miss you all already!!!!

KDF xxx


Are you interested in reffing BNSW Junior Metro League (or “Junior Reps”)

At the start of the season I asked you all on your availability form to indicate whether you may be interested in reffing Junior Representative basketball in the future. A few of you did indicate as such, and I will be in contact with you individually about this, but I am throwing it out there again to see who may be interested in extending their officiating skills to include “Junior Reps”?

I will hold an information session at some stage, but to work out if I can hold it in person or via Zoom, I need to know how many people may be interested in attending a session.

I’ll give you a brief run down of what is expected in reffing reps……
BNSW has restructured a few things in 2021 (I’m not 100% sure of them all), and this year the junior competition won’t start until May.

Manly enters 16 junior boys and girls teams into the BSNW Metro Junior League – 2 in each age group (12s, 14s, 16s & 18s) – and we as a club are required to provide a minimum of 16 appropriately-qualified referees to support the our teams in the League. This includes during pre-season grading games and finals.
Obviously we need to supply referees from all levels, and will provide training to ensure that referees are appropriately qualified.

But for you personally, if you love basketball, love to be involved in the game, are interested in reffing at a higher level and being a part of the bigger picture of basketball, maybe this is something worth considering?

There is a qualification process for referees, and part of that is to attend an Action Day where referees run a fitness test, and participate in on-court clinics. These will be held in February at Penrith and Bansktown. We usually car-pool and go as a group, so parents don’t have to drive their kids out there, and support each other as we learn new things and meet new people on this first step into state-level officiating.

We as a group are planning some fitness training and higher-level rules and education sessions before February to ensure that everyone is well-prepared, and we will continue that through to May. I am planning on linking this in with Norths, Hornsby and Inner West, so we develop bonds with other referees in the program as well.
(Side note: As we develop into the State system the Association we belong to becomes less relevant. We are all refs, and see ourselves as all one team no matter where we are from.)

This is why I need to know now who may be interested. There’s planning to be done.

You can follow this link to FAQ page for you to read – some stuff may be slightly incorrect as I don’t know the complete details of the league changes, but it pretty much is. If you would like more information or to see if you may be suitable, please drop me an email, or speak to myself, Rhys Boreham, Lachlan Creeley, or Adam Bond when you next see us.
Also feel free to ask our current refs in the system for their experiences on Rep. I’m sure that Lucas, Jake Ashby, Ashton, Dane, Bella or Ardyn would love to have a chat with you.

In case you missed it, my email is
Let me know your thoughts. Maybe not this year, but in the future??
Let’s chat.